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Excel in Infor CloudSuite M3 with SyncWise Expertise

Effortlessly integrate Infor CloudSuite M3 and Excel.

Streamline data management with API commands for efficient results.

What is SyncWize Tool?


SyncWise Tool

Introducing SyncWize to where data transfer is just as simple as a click. Our Infor M3's API ensures speedy updates and downloads, saving you time and effort. With over 3,000 supported transactions, SyncWise simplifies creating, changing, and updating data, providing valuable insights and facilitating seamless communication across your organization.

Say goodbye to manual entry and hello to streamlined operations with SyncWize.

Why do you need SyncWize?

Item Creation: Easily create and manage detailed item specifications, including units, to optimize inventory management.

Supplier Creation: Seamlessly add and update supplier details to ensure smooth procurement processes.

Customer Creation: Quickly set up and manage customer profiles for efficient sales and service operations.

Purchase Price Agreements: Streamline supplier agreements management to ensure cost-effective procurement strategies.

Connecting Dots

Value you get


SyncWize can be tailored to unique organizational requirements, offering flexible and effective solutions. This customization enhances efficiency and supports specific business objectives.

Improved Data Accuracy

By removing human error from the process, automation reduces the risk of data inaccuracies. This ensures that the data used for decision-making is reliable and precise.


SyncWize is designed to scale, allowing data updates at various organizational levels and departments. It adapts to growth seamlessly, accommodating expanding data needs.

Cost Savings

Increased efficiency and accuracy with SyncWize lead to operational cost savings. This helps organizations optimize their resources and improve overall financial performance.

Time Efficiency

Automating the data update process can significantly save staff time by eliminating the need for manual data entry tasks. This enables employees to focus on strategic activities, enhancing productivity.

Cases where SyncWize is a Life-saver

Master Data Management

Effortlessly create and manage items, units, suppliers, and product structures. Retrieve crucial data, like unused items, tailored to your operational needs.

Sales & Purchase Optimization

Efficiently transfer sales data, and manage price lists, and agreements. Streamline distribution logistics with easy route and warehouse management.

Manufacturing Efficiency

Stay ahead with real-time labor tracking, mass order closure, and task prioritization. Optimize workflows for multiple orders, reducing administrative costs.

Equipment Management

Simplify equipment record-keeping and maintenance planning. Easily track components, parts, and specifications for efficient maintenance and upgrades.


Seamlessly migrate large data tables, including user lists and emails. Ensure data consistency across systems, saving time and effort in IT transitions.

How to use it?

Download the SyncWize Tool for free from the UiPath Marketplace and take your first step towards enhanced efficiency.

For detailed installation instructions, see the video.

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