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Automation and AI

Where other Infor partners or integrators say there is a technical boundary of system possibilities, this is where we smile widely. Since early 2020 we are using state-of-the-art Robotic Process Automation tools with our customers integrating ERP with other software application using just low-code solution, without the need to gather rare technical experts.


It's good idea to consider RPA when:

  • Your have repetitive process, but it's now feasible to develop expensive server to server solution

  • You have to transform information from one source, such as cloud system, website, desktop app, email, PDF to another one - i.e. You want to upload Customer Orders from emails to ERP system

  • You have tasks which are out of capabilities of Your current system, yet it looks easy to automate

One of most important of RPA implementation failures is, that they are unstable. Having more than dozen years of experience with Infor software and experienced programmers of RPA rest assured, that You will receive world class quality automation of Infor CloudSuite M3. 

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