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Infor CloudSuite deployments

IT solutions are no longer based on separate systems, installed and managed locally by manufacturing or distribution companies. Currently this is not only a set of tightly connected systems prepared internally within single organization. What gives You sound return on investment, is a set of internally and externally connected systems, where end users do not care which system are they using, but expect seamless flow from the beginning of any business process to the end. Since Infor develops a set of integrated tools in the ecosystem, along with open web APIs to connect them, we recommend and support them.

Working many years with rollouts or greenfield investments for multinationals we know that You require central governance, central IT management and prepare solutions accordingly. Having experience as internal IT managers we often take responsibility for shaping internal organization and suggest how internal competences should be developed during an implementation. 

We have experience in the following European countries as well as China:

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