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Simplify Your Integration with Our Infor CloudSuite Experts

Drawing on years of experience working with multinational corporations, we recognize the need for central governance and IT management.

What can Infor CloudSuite do to Transform Your Business?

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We specialize in seamless system integration with Infor CloudSuite. Our solutions enable smooth communication and collaboration, tailored to your needs. With a focus on governance and IT management, we shape organizations for success. From developing competencies to aiding rollouts, we guide your path to efficiency.

Seamless Process Integration

Organizational Success Insights

Enhanced Communication & Collaboration

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

Experience of

11 years

Experience on

3 continents

Implementations in

11 countries

Who can benefit?

Managers Across Departments

Seamlessly integrate systems to enhance production efficiency, manage inventory effectively, improve distribution processes, and optimize workflows for enhanced productivity and cost savings.

Finance and supply chain Teams

Streamline financial management processes, improve reporting accuracy, gain real-time insights, optimize procurement workflows, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Product Data Maintenance

Ensure data accuracy, consistency, and accessibility across the organization, improving decision-making and operational efficiency.

How does it work?

Infor CloudSuite takes a modern approach to ERP systems, leveraging the cloud for a streamlined experience. Here's a breakdown of its key functionalities:

Consolidated Workflows which ensures a seamless information flow across your organization.

Our Enhanced Agility leverages the cloud for effortless scalability and anytime, anywhere accessibility.

Helps in Open Collaboration and Integrate seamlessly with external systems via Infor's open web APIs.

Connecting Dots

Success Stories

World top furniture manufacturer

We were tasked with implementing the Infor M3 system in the the finance area to various branches of a company that is a top furniture manufacturer in the world...

World no. 1 salmon producer 

Implementing an IT system for a salmon producer who had not previously used Infor M3 was one of the biggest challenges we faced...

One of largests European fruit and vegetables distributor

In 2021, we began working with a company that is one of largest European fruit and vegetables distributor in Europe...

One of top 3 world glass manufacturers

A company that is one of the world's top glass manufacturers approached us for support on tax issues, starting to work with us as a technology partner...

Are You Ready to Accelerate
Your Business?

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