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  • Greg Zajączkowski

KSeF's new version of FA(2) ready for testing

The Polish Ministry of Finance has announced the publication of an updated version of the FA(2) logical structure on the ePUAP platform. As a response to this development, Infor's development team has taken note of the news and is preparing an update to the integration of Infor ERP with the KSeF system, which is the Ministry of Finance's API.

From July to August 2023, both versions of the logical structures - FA(1) and FA(2) - will function simultaneously in the test environment. The updated FA(2) structure was published on June 29, 2023, in the Central Repository of Electronic Document Patterns (CRWDE) on the ePUAP platform (pattern number 2023/06/29/12648).

The updated FA(2) logical structure was developed based on feedback from tax consultations and suggestions made during meetings with business organizations, accountants, auditors, and the IT sector.

The schedule for further activities related to the publication of the new FA(2) logical structure is as follows:

  • In July 2023, a test environment adapted to the logical structure and documentation will be made available.

  • On September 1, 2023, a production environment will be released.

  • From July to August 2023, the current FA(1) logical structure and the new FA(2) logical structure will be simultaneously in effect in the test environment.

The pattern of the updated structure is also available on the website in the KSeF XML Document Structures section.

In response to these developments, the Infor development team is already working on updates to ensure the seamless integration of Infor ERP with the KSeF system, keeping in line with the new FA(2) structure. As part of the company's commitment to its clients, this move ensures continuous compliance with regulatory changes and provides clients with up-to-date systems that improve efficiency and productivity.

Meanwhile, Lightning-ERP eagerly anticipates the release of Infor's updated solution. Once Infor completes the development and publishes the updated integration, Lightning-ERP plans to initiate testing procedures. This cooperative effort ensures a smooth transition for their users and guarantees compatibility with the new FA(2) logical structure.


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