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  • Greg Zajączkowski

Electronic Invoices in Poland - M3 solution which is planned by Infor

Yesterday Infor published information regarding the electronic invoice solution. For the record, e-invoices will be obligatory since 2024. According to Infor the solution should be ready and published for customers by the end of this year. What would be good news for awaiting customers as they will have one year to introduce and test the solution in their companies.

Going back to the technical side of the Infor solution, it will be based on LSP (Localization Service Platform) and will be available as an On-Premise installation or a Cloud Service. The LSP will communicate to the KSeF portal. What is important and Infor has added this information as they will not support the purchase invoices and their upload directly into M3.

Of course, many companies could wonder how they will handle incoming invoices when the XML version of invoices will be required. For this reason, Lightning ERP together with CRIDO company will offer the complete solution for supporting e-invoice requirements. The solution will include not only Infor M3 customization but also a cloud application where invoices will be available also in a visual format which for sure ease the work of accountants. Regarding purchase invoices, there will be a possibility to upload the invoices directly to companies workflow system or upload the headers to M3 - depending on the customer's needs. A combination of Compass KSeF + Infor M3 solution created by Lightning ERP with the cooperation of CRIDO will also assure the option of reporting issued customer invoices vs. invoices accepted in the KSeF portal.

For more information follow our LinkedIn profile and our Blog. If you will be interested in Compass KSeF + Infor M3 solution or you want to get to know more about it, let us know.

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