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"The desire to reduce the expenditure of time and intellectual effort on arithmetic calculations and to eliminate the human tendency to make mistakes probably has a tradition as long as arithmetic itself."

Howard Aiken, Proposed Automatic Calculating Machine, "IEEE Spectrum", August 1964

Cloud solutions for manufacturing & distribution

We are small team of highly competent consultants with many years of experience as external, internal consultants as well as IT managers. We have been leading implementations for multinational manufacturing and distribution companies in Europe and Asia, and providing system support and ongoing improvements based on Infor ecosystem.


Our Services

Services below are the ones, that we specialize in, receiving positive customer feedback and recommendations on the market.

Infor CloudSuite deployments

We excel in consumer industries like Fashion, Food, Consumer products manufacturing and distribution with Infor M3 at the core in a variety of geographical locations that You need.

System support

After go-live customers expect system stability and improvements raising the value of implemented assets. From business process redesign to Java debugging we deliver peace of mind for Key Managers.


and AI

Where other companies finish, we find an opportunity to reduce repetitive workload of Your employees.

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Address: Varso Place CIC

Chmielna 73, 00-801 Warsaw, Poland  |  Tel: +44 20 7097 8785, +48 506 279 858

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