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Success Stories


World no. 1 salmon producer 

A large salmon producer with an international market presence. The company operates in many countries, both in Europe and on other continents, supplying high-quality fish products to customers around the world. Their global network includes both retail and wholesale, serving hundreds of thousands of customers annually. This company is known for its innovative farming practices and attention to sustainability, making it a major player in the fish industry market.

salmon with lemons
Image by krakenimages

Our story

Implementing an IT system for a salmon producer who had not previously used Infor M3 was one of the biggest challenges we faced. Our goal was to create a comprehensive solution from scratch, which would not only meet the specific needs of the client, but also integrate with the existing IT infrastructure.

We undertook the task of not only implementing the system, but also acting as IT manager for a period of one year. This time allowed us not only to implement the technology effectively, but also to build a strong team that could independently lead further projects in the region. This was not only a matter of technology, but also of organizational skills and building trust within the team.

Our efforts brought tangible benefits to the company. Thanks to our work, the company has gained stability and efficiency in information management, as well as the ability to quickly implement systems in new companies. This is not only a technological success, but also proof of the effectiveness of our cooperation and ability to adapt to the unique needs of the client.

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