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Simplify Infor CloudSuite M3 Integration with our AI Automated Solutions

Trust our decade of Infor software experience as well as Data Scientist and  RPA experts for top-notch CloudSuite M3 automation.

What Does our AI Automation Mean For Your Business’s Future?

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At Lightning ERP, we're pioneering AI automation to revolutionise your business efficiency. Since 2020, our cutting-edge solutions have simplified ERP integration, slashing costs, automating tasks, and supercharging workflows. Achieve unparalleled efficiency and accelerated growth with our cutting-edge approach.

Simplify Processes

Error-Free Automation

Robust Solutions

Who can get Benefited?

Supply Chain Management

AI automation streamlines supply chain processes in ERP Infor M3 by optimising inventory management, forecasting demand, and enhancing supplier collaboration, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced costs, and better customer satisfaction.


In manufacturing, AI automation in ERP Infor M3 optimises production scheduling, monitors equipment performance, and enhances quality control, leading to increased productivity, minimised downtime, and higher product quality.

Sales and Marketing

AI automation in ERP Infor M3 empowers sales and marketing teams with insights into customer preferences, personalised marketing campaigns, and automated sales processes, resulting in higher conversion rates, increased customer satisfaction, and improved revenue generation.

How does RPA offer Solutions for Complex Challenges?

Unlock top-notch automation for your Infor CloudSuite M3, revolutionising efficiency and driving productivity organisation-wide.
Tackling repetitive processes that are currently not cost-effective for expensive server-to-server solutions.
Streamlining the transformation of information from diverse sources into a unified format, including cloud systems, websites, desktop apps, emails, or PDFs, such as automating the upload of customer orders to your ERP system.
Addressing tasks that exceed the capabilities of your current system, making automation a feasible solution for complex challenges.
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