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Success Stories

2014 - 2017

World top furniture manufacturer

A global furniture giant with operations in more than 50 countries around the world. It has hundreds of retail stores and an extensive online platform, serving millions of customers each year. It is one of the world's largest retailers, gaining recognition for its innovative designs and sustainability.

At a furniture retailer
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Our story

In 2014, we were tasked with implementing the Infor M3 system in the finance area to various branches of a company that is a top furniture manufacturer in the world. This was a complex project that included implementing the system in two factories in Poland, a factory in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, two factories in Russia and two factories in China. This was a huge challenge, given the cultural, legal and tax differences between these countries.

The first step was to understand the structure and requirements of each branch and adapt the system to their specifics. In preparing for the project, we had to use ready-made templates for both organization and systems. Although not everything could be templated, due to legal and tax differences in each country, we adapted our approach to local requirements.

Our goal was to complete each phase of the project every six months, which was an extremely ambitious plan. However, with proper preparation and cooperation with local experts, we were able to complete the implementation on schedule. Dealing with legal and tax regulations in Russia and China in particular was a challenge, but with the support of local experts we overcame these difficulties.

The decision to work with local experts proved crucial to the success of the project. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, we avoided many potential delays and ensured timely completion of each stage of the implementation. What we have achieved in four years, namely the implementation of the system in eight companies, is a true success story for our company.

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