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Success Stories

2022 - present

One of top 3 world glass manufacturers

A world leader in glass production with an international presence, headquartered in USA. The company operates in many countries around the world, supplying high-quality glass products to various sectors such as construction, automotive, and industrial. Their innovative approach to glass technology and constant pursuit of excellence make them recognized as one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.

Glass Buildings
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Our story

A company that is one of the world's top glass manufacturers approached us for support on financial processes, with emphasis on payables, tax, and integrations with goverment APIs. Their need was to adapt global processes to legal and tax requirements system in ca 20 European countries and USA.

Our main task was to ensure that the system would be able to handle different types of taxes, taking into account the specifics of each country. Implementing such a solution was crucial for this company, as they operated in multiple markets simultaneously, and complex tax regulations could pose a serious challenge to their business.
With our support, this company was able to effectively manage taxes in multiple European markets simultaneously, send electronic invoices and electronic audit files as required in various countries .

Our solution allowed them to streamline their tax processes and minimize the risks associated with tax non-compliance. This is another example of the success of our partnerships with clients, where our technology helps companies achieve their business goals in the global market.

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